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Name:Itsuki Koizumi
Birthdate:Sep 15
how to fight loneliness:
Itsuki Koizumi is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, with a poker face to boot. He's also a high school student, but that's a secondary profession.
smile all the time
Itsuki is the token mysterious transfer student of the SOS Brigade, and Haruhi's vice-chief, a role which absolutely no one else wants. He goes along with practically anything with unflappable calm at best and sycophantic approval at worst, and is the single worst board game player in the universe. Well, probably. Well, if he's playing to win, maybe. Well, if he's not holding back on purpose. He's the sort of person who has convenient relatives with convenient islands with convenient mansions to stage murder mysteries in. He's also the sort of person who accessorizes.
shine your teeth to meaningless
He's also an Esper, who spends his time coming up with ways to keep Haruhi entertained so that her headmonsters don't destroy the universe. He likes figuring out what makes people tick, and often, now that he's joined the community, what makes the multiverse tick. He purposely irritates people just to see how they react, and denies everything when asked. At any given point there's about a 50% chance he's being entirely truthful, although he's being dragged kicking and screaming into working on that.
and sharpen them with lies
Itsuki is from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and played at DramaDramaDuck. Also played by me:
Mileina VashtiTamaki SuouNena Trinity
Sheryl NomeHomura AkemiVriska Serket

"Definitely puzzlesexual." - Kaito
"More helpful than the Microsoft paperclip thing, and way less annoying, too!" - Willow
"Frustrating but kinda cute at times." - Minako

Interests (24):

avoiding asakura, being haruhi's gay boyfriend, being mysterious, board games, bothering minato, controlling everything, cuddy is my mama, donna not yelling, haruhi not stripping, haruhi suzumiya, haruhi's headmonsters, kyon, kyon's personal space, mikuru asahina, playing kaito at risk, saving the world, shiro's girlfriend is psychotic, shiro: gay for batman, sos brigade, spiking your drinks, the tenth doctor, tieria's ttly a cyborg, trolling, yuki nagato

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